Safe Summer Polish Giveaway! (and a Rant)

Hey! How are those tootsies looking? I hope you made some time for a pampering DIY Pedi this week, but now that beg’s the question: Where to find a great looking, non-toxic nail polish to up the glam factor?!?  Well, you’re in luck because I have the exact answer to that question! But first, I need to digress from our regularly scheduled broadcast to rant about toxins in beauty products 🙁

Uggh! I hate it when beauty products that are supposed to make you look good and feel pretty end up being laden with toxic ingredients that do everything from promoting cancer to disrupting the delicate hormone balance of our bodies that keep us feeling our best.

I’ve been hard at work on my next book about how toxins drive disease within the body- and how you can eliminate toxins at the source to stop health problems in their tracks. I’ve been doing tons of research on toxins in our skincare and cosmetics- and the TRUTH is so frustrating! While most conventional beauty products promise to make you look years younger, erase wrinkles and eradicate acne, their ingredients label tells a different story. Many of these products are filled with toxic chemicals that do damage at the cellular level, often accumulating in our tissues for YEARS before health problems begin to surface.

I know when I found myself sick with an autoimmune disease in my early thirties (that started years earlier, I just didn’t connect the dots until later)  I began to question why I, as someone who ate well, exercised and was generally healthy, could suffer from such debilitating health issues.  As I began to question why my health was failing me at such a young age, I started to learn about the toxins that assault our bodies on a daily basis- from the foods we eat to the air we breathe and what we put in and on our bodies.  It all affects us.

It seems like I meet people every day who are in the same boat. Relatively healthy individuals who suddenly find themselves battling chronic disease, autoimmunity, cancer. Yet, many still aren’t making the connection between the chemicals they are ingesting every day and the problems with their health.

These chemicals can seem so harmless, after all. I mean, if they are really that bad for us, would companies really put them in their products? Would the FDA allow these products to be sold to consumers knowing they are harmful? In a word, yes.
Thankfully, the good news is you have complete control of what you put in and on your body in the form of beauty and skincare products.  There are tons of great alternatives to the toxic beauty industry that you can feel good about putting on your body.

Nail polish is one of the worst toxic offenders when it comes to increasing the toxic load of the body. Recently Duke University, in conjunction with the Environmental Working Group, conducted a study testing for signs of chemical toxins in 24 women.  Every last  one of them tested positive for toxins found commonly in nail polish.

While I could give you a whole laundry list of toxins to avoid in nail polish (formaldehyde, tolulene, triphenyl phosphate, yada, yada) I’ve got a better idea. Here’s a list of some of my top safe nail polish picks- when choosing a polish for your nails, just look for one of these great brands and you’ll be covering your bases!

My Top Nail Picks

Photo Jul 15, 10 55 38 AM

No-Miss is my new fave! Truth be told, I’m not really a “nails” kinda girl, but I do like to keep my toenail painted during the summer so I don’t feel like I’m sporting ugly troll feet.

NCLA- this is another great toxin free polish I use and love.

Jenna Hipp is a new up-and-coming toxin free brand that looks promising! I haven’t tried them myself but the cool, neutral palette is right up my alley!

Piggy Paint- This one is for the kiddos and while they do have lots of fun colors, it does essentially peel off after a few days, which could be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. No need for nail polish remover is a plus, but if your little one might have a tendency to “snack” on those colorful chips of polish when they peel off, it might not be the best choice.

Some other safe brands that I haven’t tried yet include Honeybee Gardens, Priti and Acquarella.

Want to win a bottle of toxin free polish?

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P.S.-Want to know my favorite source for toxin free products- from food to nail polish to home goods and more? It’s Thrive Market- and you can save 15% off your first order when you try them out here!



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